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Imagine yourself in a coffee shop, eagerly waiting for your next cup of coffee.

As you wait in line, your eyes wander over the menu, filled with an enticing array of coffee options. Among them, one particular name catches your attention: the Macchiato.

Curiosity piqued, you find yourself wondering what this mysterious drink could be. In a world full of different coffee types , it's hard to know the unique qualities and flavors of each one.

The Macchiato, especially, remains lesser-known compared to other coffee types like the Latte, Cappuccino or Espresso. If you order a macchiato in Starbucks, it will be totally different.

So, if you're looking for what the real Macchiato is, you've come to the right place.

In this blog article, we will explore its origins, a Macchiato recipe, different types of macchiatos including caramel macchiato, latte macchiato, espresso macchiato, and even answer common questions like what is a Macchiato Coffee, its macchiato calories and caffeine and where you can find the best macchiato coffee in Dubai.

So, let’s get started if you have your favorite mug!

Key Highlights

  • Definition: Espresso topped with a thin coating of milk froth
  • Macchiato Pronunciation: /mmakˈkjaːto
  • Macchiato Meaning: Caffè macchiato is an Italian term that translates to "coffee with a spot" (of milk).
  • What are the ingredients of a macchiato: Traum Espresso Coffee, foamed milk, Coffee machine, Milk jug

What Is a Macchiato Coffee?

Caffè macchiato and espresso macchiato are two more names for a macchiato. It's similar to espresso, but with a splash of milk added. Macchiato meaning an Italian term "macchiato" translates to "marked," "stained," or "spotted."

When you add milk to a cup of dark, rich espresso, it makes a unique mark on the milk, which is what this phrase means. The milk adds the perfect touch, smoothing out the coffee's texture and reducing the intensity of the black on top.

The main ingredient in a macchiato is espresso. If you're seeking for a caffeine boost with a creamy aftertaste, this is a terrific alternative to normal espresso.

You need to ask for "قهوة مكياتو," which roughly means "coffee with a drop’’ for a macchiato coffee Dubai.

If you look up the word "macchiato," you may find a number of choices, such as "caffè macchiato", "caramel macchiato", "espresso macchiato," and "latte macchiato".

  • Caffè macchiato and espresso macchiato are the classic versions. They both have a shot of espresso and a small amount of lightly frothed milk.
  • A latte macchiato is a combination of the macchiato and the popular latte.
  • In a caffè macchiato, the dark espresso is stained by the milk. The espresso shot in a latte macchiato leaves a dark brown mark on the otherwise white milk.
  • A caramel macchiato is the combination of the macchiato and caramel.

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History of the Macchiato

People say that the macchiato was made to show the difference between a traditional espresso and a coffee with milk.

When the baristas wanted to tell the waiters which coffee was which, they would use a spot of milk to tell the difference between espresso and coffee with milk.

When you add a splash of milk to an espresso, the color changes and the top, which should be smooth, swirls, so this name seems to fit.

The espresso macchiato has changed over the years as coffee shops and chains have tried to spice up their lists and offer different kinds of drinks. The standard macchiato is made with espresso and a splash of hot milk, but you can also get a latte macchiato, which has a lot more hot milk. The latte macchiato can also have caramel which makes it a caramel macchiato.

If you're ordering a macchiato at Starbucks, you may be surprised to learn exactly what it is.

A Starbucks macchiato is prepared with steamed milk and flavored syrups, and then finished with a drizzle of caramel or cinnamon dolce. The original macchiato has a more straightforward and robust flavor, whereas the Starbucks version is sweeter and has additional tastes.

Variations on the Macchiato

Milk-based and coffee-based varieties are the most common different types of macchiatos.

For those who want a stronger, more concentrated flavor, there is the Espresso Macchiato, which is made with primarily espresso and a little amount of steamed milk and froth.

If you want a creamier beverage, you may want to try a Latte Macchiato, which is mostly heated milk that has been dyed with espresso.

Caramel Macchiato is yet another different types of macchiatos. It wasn't originally made in Italy, but rather, it was created and made popular by large coffee businesses in the United States. It tastes sweeter than regular espresso because of the addition of milk. It consists of caramel sauce, steaming milk, espresso, and vanilla syrup. The fact that the caramel flavor stands out led to the drink's nickname: Caramel Macchiato.

Iced caramel macchiato is also popular these days. Each iced coffee is unique in its own way, but the Iced Macchiato's additional shot of espresso and the unique layering set it apart.

Latte Macchiato

Compared to a regular latte, the latte macchiato contains less espresso and more milk, and it is layered. In contrast to the espresso macchiato, this beverage places more emphasis on the milk.

Start with a large, 12-ounce glass (glass is required so that the layers are visible). A third to half of the warmed glass is filled with steaming milk to start.

The second important part of this drink is how quickly the espresso is poured. An espresso shot is poured very slowly over the steaming milk. The back of a spoon is sometimes used by baristas to slow down and disperse the coffee when it is poured. The majority, though, will congregate in the middle, where they will form a visible speck in the milk.

This pouring technique is responsible for its signature layered look. The steamed milk at the bottom of the cup should be thicker than the espresso in the middle and the froth on top.

Espresso Macchiato

The caffè macchiato, as it is known in Italy, is the original version of the espresso macchiato. The process for making espresso is simple, and milk will leave a stain.

The purpose is to enjoy the robust flavor of espresso with some of its intensity reduced by the addition of milk. The small quantity of milk in this drink helps preserve the distinctive flavor and texture of espresso better than any other.

To make espresso macchiato, make an espresso shot as normal, then add around 1 to 2 tablespoons of steaming milk and some froth on top.

Demitasse cups, either glass or ceramic, are perfect for serving.


How to Make a Macchiato

Here we have the perfect macchiato recipe for you.

What are the ingredients of a macchiato?


  • Coffee machine with wand
  • Milk jug
  • Thermometer

Macchiatos can be prepared quickly and simply with a home espresso machine, but an Aeropress or Moka Pot may make drinks with the same taste. All that's required is a shorter brew time and less water than you'd need for an espresso shot.

Step #1: Start with a strong espresso

Prepare espresso using your preferred technique and pour one or two shots into an espresso cup

Step #2: Heat the milk

Prepare milk for espresso by heating and foaming it. You can heat the milk the same way you always have, in a pot or a microwave. Be cautious; it will burn at temperatures over 60–68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step #3: Froth a small amount of milk

The milk in a macchiato is minimal and mostly used to add a touch of creaminess. Steam a small amount of milk, about 1-2 ounces, until it has a velvety texture. You can use a steam wand, milk jar, or French press for this.

  • Milk Wand To use a milk wand, pour some milk into a tall, narrow glass or bowl. Turn on the wand and move it around in a big circle beneath the surface of the milk. Keep the wand on the edge of the milk by raising it after each rotation (round and up, round and up) until you reach the necessary number of bubbles.

  • Milk Jar Pour the hot milk into a jar, seal it, and give it a good shake. The foam rapidly deflates, so it's best to use it immediately. To keep the foam around for a longer period of time, add a little sugar.

  • French Press Heat the milk and pour it into the French press where you would normally put the coffee. While keeping the top in place, plunge the pump ten to fifteen times. Wait 30 seconds before stirring the milk to combine. Learn how to brew coffee with a French press.

Step #4: Serve it

  • Now that your milk is foamed, put it in your espresso cup. Make it seem like a little cappuccino by dotting the coffee with six spoonfuls of milk (the foamer, the better) scooped out with a teaspoon. Enjoy it!

Macchiato Quick Tips

  • Traditionally, an espresso macchiato is served in a small demitasse cup, which helps maintain the drink's concentrated flavor.

  • Don't use too much milk since when milk is heated under pressure it expands very rapidly. Instead of using just the right amount of milk, (*you'll want to use a touch too much. Keep in mind that hot milk creates foam, and that skim milk warms up the quickest. Good foam rapidly becomes burned milk, which results in an extremely bitter drink.

  • Serve it immediately. Macchiatos are best enjoyed fresh and hot. Serve it immediately after preparing to fully appreciate the flavors and textures.

  • Get a tall glass if you want to try making a latte macchiato. Get a shot of espresso or just half a shot, since latte macchiatos usually use less coffee. Warm up and pour about 3/4 of a cup of milk into your tall glass. Then add the espresso slowly and carefully. If you pour the espresso into the middle of the glass, it will look better.

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How Long Does Macchiato Coffee Stay Fresh?

Macchiato coffee, like any other coffee, is best enjoyed when it's fresh. The flavors and aromas of coffee are at their peak within a short period after brewing.

  • Macchiatos are typically served immediately after preparation. The ideal time to consume a macchiato is within a few minutes of it being made. So you experience the flavors and aromas at their best.
  • Once a macchiato is prepared, it starts to lose its freshness relatively quickly. The milk may start to separate, and the flavors can change as it sits. It's recommended to consume the macchiato within 10-15 minutes of preparation.
  • If your macchiato contains milk, it's important to note that milk can spoil if left at room temperature for too long. To ensure food safety, it's best to consume the macchiato within a reasonable time frame and not let it sit for an extended period.

Remember! It's always best to prepare and drink macchiatos as close to the time of serving as possible for the most enjoyable experience.

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  • What does macchiato coffee taste like?

A macchiato coffee tastes like the strong, bold, and rich flavor of espresso with a touch of creaminess from the small amount of frothed milk.

  • How much caffeine is in macchiato coffee?

On average, a macchiato coffee typically contains around 80 milligrams of caffeine, whereas a large macchiato can have approximately 120 milligrams of caffeine.

  • How Many Calories are in macchiato coffee?

A macchiato coffee typically contains around 15-60 calories, depending on the amount of milk used. Here you can calculate the macchiato calories:

Serving Size: 1 cup (118 ml) Calories: 54 kcal Fat: 1.8 g Carbohydrates: 6.8 g Protein: 3.2 g Sugar: 5.5 g Caffeine: 80 mg

However, a Starbucks Macchiato contains 130 calories.

  • Differences between a macchiato and espresso

The main difference between an espresso and a macchiato is that a macchiato has a small amount of milk added, while an espresso is purely concentrated coffee.

  • Differences between a macchiato and latte

The main difference between a macchiato and a latte lies in the milk presentation. An espresso macchiato has a small amount of milk marked on the espresso, while a latte consists of espresso layered with steamed milk and topped with milk foam. A macchiato has a stronger coffee flavor, while a latte has a milder coffee flavor.

  • Differences between a macchiato coffee and drip coffee

The key difference between a macchiato coffee and drip coffee is the preparation and ingredients.

Macchiato coffee is an espresso-based coffee with a small amount of milk, while drip coffee is brewed using a drip coffee maker that slowly drips hot water over ground coffee beans. Macchiatos are typically smaller in volume and have a stronger flavor compared to drip coffee.

  • Differences between a macchiato and black coffee

The key difference between a macchiato coffee and black coffee is the preparation and ingredients. A macchiato is an espresso-based drink with a small amount of milk, while black coffee is brewed using hot water and ground coffee beans without any added milk or flavorings. Macchiatos have a richer and more concentrated flavor compared to black coffee.

  • Differences between a macchiato and cappuccino

Macchiatos have a stronger coffee flavor with minimal milk, while cappuccinos are creamier and have a balance of espresso, milk, and foam. A macchiato is coffee with a small amount of milk, while a cappuccino consists of equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam.

  • Differences between an macchiato and flat white

A macchiato is an espresso-based drink with a small amount of milk, while a flat white is made with espresso and microfoam (velvety steamed milk). Macchiatos have a bolder coffee flavor and a dot of milk, while flat whites have a smoother and creamier texture due to the microfoam incorporated throughout the drink.