A sophisticated way brewing coffee

1:30 Min
Slightly finer than sea salt
15-18 Gr
200g / 205° - 210°


  • V60 brewing vessel (Hario)
  • Decanter
  • Hario Filter Paper
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Traum Coffee
  • Grinder
  • Kettle



The AeroPress, a futuristic device with dreams of defying gravity, was created by Aerobie, whose headquarters are only 38 miles from our Oakland roastery. The long-flying superdisc that flew 1,333 feet into the air and broke a Guinness World Record was created by Aerobie. With this unique and beautiful coffee-brewing equipment, the same aerodynamic expertise comes into play.


step 1

Get the coffee and water ready first.200 g (7 oz) of water should be boiled. Put 15–18 grams of coffee on a scale. Grind until the texture is a little bit finer than sea salt.


step 2

Use AeroPress's removable plastic lid to place a paper filter. You can wet the filter and the cap with some of your hot water. Thus, the water serves a dual purpose: it warms the vessel you're using to brew and helps the filter stick to the top. The water temperature and the cap size make this a difficult task: To allow the filter to fully absorb the water, hold the top by its ears and pour gently.


step 3

You need to prepare your AeroPress. In order to maintain a proper seal, it is essential that the whole assembly be completely dry.


step 4

Start by putting it on the scale so that the rounded side faces up, and then subtract the weight of the flared end. The numbers should be written in reverse. The black filter cap can be attached and used right-side-up. However, this might lead to leaks and make precise brewing more challenging.


step 5

You should now add the coffee grounds to the AeroPress. Take care to prevent any coffee grinds from falling into the ring-shaped gutter located at the very top of the AeroPress.


step 6

Saturate your coffee grounds Set the timer. The ratio of water to coffee grinds should be 2:1. (e.g., for 15 grams of coffee, add 30 grams of water). The water should be around 200°F.You should push the coffee down gently with the paddle or butter knife to ensure even saturation, then let it settle for 30 seconds.


step 7

The next step is to fill the chamber and stir it. Fill the chamber with the rest of the boiling water. After one minute, give the grains 10 stirs to break them up.


step 8

You should close the cap and flip it. Make sure the lid securely engages the grooves before fastening it. Swiftly and precisely invert the whole assembly.


step 9

You can start to apply pressure in this step. Place it on your brewing vessel and apply pressure downward. Here, you'll feel about 30 pounds of resistance. The grind is too fine if it's very difficult to press, and the opposite is true if it's too easy to push. The coffee is ready when it starts to hiss. This means that there is no longer any water to push through the device.


step 10

After unscrewing the top, you can pull out the filter and the puck of ground coffee by pushing the inside of the AeroPress one more inch. You can discard the puck and enjoy your coffee.